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Plumeria rubra WHITE STAR
Plumeria rubra WHITE STAR
AKA X*Celadine,Hawaiian Yellow, Graveyard Yellow, Common Yellow , Common Cream, Yellow, Huevos, Common White

Most desirable plumeria for fragrance. The flowers are medium to large 3 1/2 inches and brilliant yellow, with a broad white margin around the firm textured petals. Strong lemon fragrance with very good keeping quality. Vigorous but compact grower. Thick branched and heavy blooms. The fragrance is somewhat like dish soap.             

СЕМЕНА (3) : 3.90 €
ЧЕРЕНОК 10-15cm : 9.10 €
ЧЕРЕНОК 20-25cm : 15.60 €
РАСТЕНИЕ (черенок с корнями) 15-25cm : 26.00 €