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Pouteria campechiana
' Canistel '

[ Sapotaceae ]
[ Central America ]
The canistel (Pouteria campechiana) is an evergreen tree native to southern Mexico and Central America. The canistel grows up to 10 meters (33 ft) high, and produces orange-yellow fruit, also called yellow sapote, up to 7 centimeters (2.8 in) long, which are edible raw. Canistel flesh is sweet, with a texture often compared to that of a hard-boiled egg yolk, hence its colloquial name "eggfruit". The fruits are about the size of an apple. At maturity, the strong odour of the pulp is described as contains about 2,000 iu/100 g carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. It is also a good source of proteins (2.5%) and or vitamin C(43mg/ 100g).

Pouteria campechiana
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